Disposal Of Hazardous Waste in Thurstaston

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Disposal Of Hazardous Waste in Thurstaston

Disposal of hazardous waste in Thurstaston is extremely important to do correctly as most hazardous materials can be dangerous to either humans, animals or the environment, so it is imperative that hazardous waste is disposed of correctly, safely and legally.

Bay Oils Ltd are a company in Thurstaston who have been in the Disposal of hazardous waste industry for over 25 years and during this time they have managed to build up a highly reputable name which is well known for providing professional services in Thurstaston which not only help the clients but the environment as well.

We hold essential certificates!

Bay Oils Ltd in Thurstaston hold several certificates, one being a Waste Management Industry Training and Advisory Board certificate also known as WAMITAB which is a certificate to show that the company are up to the expected standards in the waste management industry. Other certificates include Waste Licence and a Carriers Licence which are necessary for transporting and carrying waste.

As a business it is your responsibility to dispose of hazardous materials properly, by using an unprofessional company or just dumping the waste can be extremely dangerous to yourself and others and it is also illegal!

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Call us today if you would like to use our professional disposal of hazardous waste service in Thurstaston we will complete all necessary paperwork and even operate an emergency 24 hour service.

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