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Marine Waste Collection (MARPOL)

Bay Oils Ltd collects all types of marpol waste and specialises in marine waste disposal and has been dealing with shipping company’s waste management for many years.

Interceptor Waste Collection

Regular interceptor waste collection for Oil, Water & Sludge is an important part of keeping your site running efficiently, avoiding environmental accidents and damage problems.

Garage Waste Collections

Bay Oils Ltd offer a waste collection service to garages helping them manage and maintain their waste disposal. We can help by collecting an array of wastes from your garages.

Waste Oil Collection

Here at Bay Oils Ltd we can provide a one off waste oil collection's or a regular collection of your waste oil/contaminated oil. Waste Oil is classified as a hazardous waste which needs to be stored in an environmentally safe manner.

Hazardous waste can be dangerous and can be potentially harmful to people and the environment, which is why waste oil collection from a professional is essential.

Listed below are examples of waste oils which Bay Oils Ltd collects:

  • Garage oil
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Transformer oils
  • Fuel oils
  • Diesel
  • Lubricating oils
  • Kerosene

The disposal of hazardous waste is extremely important to do correctly as most hazardous can be dangerous to either humans, animals Or the environment. So it is important that your hazardous waste oil is disposed of correctly, safely and legally. As a business or individual it's your responsibility to dispose the hazardous waste materials properly. Using an unprofessional company or just dumping the waste can be extremely dangerous to you, others and it is also illegal.

Bay Oils Ltd are just a call away to arrange a waste oil collection, contact us on 01524927582 or email us at enquiries@bayoils.co.uk

We also provide you with the hazardous waste paperwork which is fully compliant with the Environmental Agency.