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Garage Waste Collection

Running a garage requires the proper storage, removal, and disposal of all automotive waste you produce. From dead car batteries and damaged tyres to fuel, cleaning fluids, and even cardboard packaging, garages produce all sorts of rubbish. Proper management involves following strict environmental controls for all hazardous waste you generate such as waste engine oil. As your commercial garage is a business, you have a duty of care to ensure any waste you produce is stored, transported, and disposed of properly. This means disposing of waste as soon as possible.

What is garage waste?

Essentially, garage waste is any kind of rubbish that your commercial garage produces during its working activities and daily operations. This can be anything from packaging waste from parts to waste motor oil and more. Commercial garages generate many types of specialist waste that needs storing and disposing of carefully to meet environmental regulations.

Bay Oils Ltd provides garage waste collection services to garages helping them manage and maintain their garage waste disposal. Bay Oils Ltd helps by collecting an array of wastes which includes: used oil filters, batteries, antifreeze, waste engine oil, mixed fuels, used oily rags, empty drums, full drums, aerosols, brake cleaner fluid, and catalytic convertors.

Our garage waste collection services

We operate an extensive fleet of waste collection vehicles with nationwide coverage. We provide regular or one-off collections to suit your requirements. Our technicians can bring all of the packaging required and segregate, pack, and label your garage waste to current regulations.

Example of our garage waste collection services:

  1. Oil Filter Collection: We collect all types of filters including metal, paper and spray booth filters as part of our workshop waste collection service.
  2. Contaminated Rags Soak Up Pads: Using our oily rag collection service, you can compliantly dispose of your absorbent materials such as rags, granules, contaminated PPE and latex gloves.
  3. Antifreeze Coolant Collection: Responsible disposal of used antifreeze and coolant from radiator and cooling systems is recommended. We provide all the required containers and will collect as they are filled.
  4. Aerosols Collection Recycling: Aerosols must be disposed of correctly and should not be included in general waste. After collection, the process fully captures the contents and propellant gases. Compaction allows complete recovery of the can.
  5. Batteries - Wet Lead Acid; Dry Batteries: We collect a wide range of lead acid batteries and this service can be part of collections or on an ad-hoc; basis for garage waste services.

Recycling garage waste

Depending on the type of garage waste it can likely be recycled or reused in some way:

Batteries, for instance, are grounded down and the polypropylene and electrolyte are re-used in making new batteries.

  1. Used oil rags are treated at a facility and then sent to industrial furnaces to be used as a fuel.
  2. Used engine oils are filtered to remove contaminants and refined to be used in lubricants.
  3. Scrap metal is melted down into ingots to be remoulded into sheets or new metal products

For more information about our garage waste oil collection services or to get a free no obligation quote, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team of experts who will be more than happy to help you with your query.